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The Photographer

  Obsessions run deep and can be pervasive. And in our line of work a lot comes down to presentation, so we definitely obsess about photography. We appreciate how high quality shots can accentuate the beauty of the ride, capture the emotion of the moment, and show off the fruit of our labor. It’s funny [...]
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October 30, 2014


As the new new-media man at Kitsbow, I felt it was my moral obligation to take the Kitsbow van on an “Adventure”. What better excuse to visit my brother in Bend, Oregon, where we could tame the single track, ride the lifts, and shoot some photos…all while calling it work! Bend is a small, clean, [...]
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2014 Downieville Classic

‘Racers sink into the river, letting their tired legs relax as the dust washes away. Small moats and rocks are situated strategically to nestle cold beers in the shallow water. Locals sit on a bench in front of the drug store with cardboard boxes half-full of Busch cans. The heat is intense, so bright and [...]
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Trail Expressions: Mountain Biking in Sedona, Arizona

Trail Expressions looks at the places and locations where obsessives answer the call; It’s from the office. It’s far away. It’s conveniently stationed near a brewery. Find your next ride and a new place to express yourself here.  Smack dab in the middle of the Coconino National Forest, Sedona, Arizona is surrounded by countless miles of powerful singletrack [...]
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Obsessives Profile: Like the Perfect Pour

Dylan Stucki, Durango, Colorado Countless hours of passion are released with the pour of a fresh craft beer, a refined and humble work of art that is an expression of a simple pleasure. A great beer embodies a sense of freedom and escape from the mundane. For the same reason I love a great beer, I reach for Kitsbow when [...]
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Kitsbow Basics: Don’t Call it a Hat

Ever since former Bicycling magazine editor-in-chief, Bill Strickland, put bicyclists on notice with the hashtag #capsnothats, a movement has been bubbling online (and more importantly, off) to bring the cycling cap back to prominence. And while we have no problem with the trucker, flat-brimmed, or snapback varieties (in fact, they are COMING SOON), Kitsbow supports [...]
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